Hej everybody,

The open inventiation weeks are coming to an end... What does that mean for you? If you liked our sport nights, you are more than welcome to participate, from now on, every week (same day, same time!)

So.. What are the sports and times again?

Monday, football from 21.00-22.30
Tuesday, badminton & basketball (we have the equipment, but it's always better to bring also your own badminton rackets) from 21.00-22.30
Wednesday, volleyball from 21.00-22.30
Thursday, football from 21.00-22.30

What are the requirements to participate?

- The first requirements is that we want you to be a member of ESN Borås OR from HBSIF.
To make it easier for you we will explain what the difference is between the two associations:

1. You pay 100kr for a one year ESN membership. You will not only get access to the sport nights but also receive discounts in stores (www.esncard.org), discount on trips of ESN Borås and cheaper entrance during our events and parties. How to register for the ESN card? Fill in this form: http://esnboras.org/?q=content/esn-card-registration-form
and we will make sure we contact you about the money and the picture for on the ESN card. If you have any questions about the ESN card just contact sportmanager@esnboras.org.


2. HBSIF is one of the association group of the Student Union of the University of Borås. For more information check: https://www.facebook.com/HBSIF/?fref=ts
If you want to become a part of the association group you need to apply for a membership of 50kr per semester. HBSIF tries to organize also many big events around basketball, swimming and color runs! You can always check our their website: http://www.laget.se/hbsif

- The second requirement is that when you will frequently attend the sport nights you need to register (free of charge) trough the following link:


You only need to do this once, from that point on you are registered in the system.

We are more than excited to see you every week at the sport nights!
Make sure you have a good attitude and bring along some sporty vibes!

See you all at BoråsHallen
Kind Regards,


Do you still have questions? Contact Rosalinda from ESN Borås trough vicepresident@esnboras.org or Sofia hbsif14@gmail.com