The 23rd of March a new board was elected, and we in the new board are grateful for all the hard work the old board did and we wishes them the best in their future adventures. We currently have one position vacant and that is Event Manager with responsibilty for social activites if you are interested in this position please contact our presidence.

The new board member, position and contact information are:

Manuela Wagner- president contact

Rosalinda Sardo Infirri- vice president contact

Maximilian Sanver- Treasurer contact,

Marian Karjus-Secretary and local representative

T.C. Vo- Graphical Design contact

Tina Ding- Marketing Coordinator contact,

Björn Andersson- Web Project Administrator contact

Ratsasan Ragunath- Event Manager (Sport),Recruitment Manager contact,

Eldar Jusovic- Event Manager (Event) contact,

Vacant - Event Manager(Social)

Frej Johansson- Suppleant