ESN Borås on the NEP BERGEN 2015

Date: 2015.10.22 untill 2015.10.25

Place: Bergen, Norway

Representative of ESN Borås: Rosalinda Sardo Infirri


NEP(Northern European Platform) is one of five regional platforms in the Erasmus Student Network, organised once a year. NEP takes place every fall in the Northern European region, and the members of this platform are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Iceland. This year, approximately 100 participants joined NEP.  During the event the sections  got a chance to meet and network, share knowledge and best practices, and set up cooperations with other ESN-sections across borders. Additionally the platform is to enhance the section members knowledge about international projects, committees and the overall structure of the network. This all to make sure that all the Exchange students will get the full 100% spirit out of the ESN activities.


The NEP took place took place in the beautiful (and rainy) city of Bergen, the home of ESN Bergen! The city is surrounded by the infamous seven mountains. Its filled with quirky streets and old wooden houses, located on the gorgeous western coast of Norway. It's really worthwhile a visit!
ESN Borås has participated as well and exchanged so much new information and knowledge. We, ESN Borås, will try our best to intregrate as much knowlegde in our own section, as possible. 
Are you also intreseted in taken part of NP (National platform), NEP or even International platforms? Make sure you come to our open ESN meetings! If you are intrested to join or you want to know more about NEP, sent an email to