Every day people are hit by devastating disasters, and every day working the Red Cross to save lives and bring hope. When giving a small donor, you are helping people in the war in Syria. You are handing out food packeges to the refugee camp, giving warm blankets to refugee childeren at the Mediterranean shore and you are cleaning the water after natural disasters. You are also the supporting shaft for those people that are fleeing to Sweden. You are helping long after the media stops! 

We will donate money to the Red Cross in Sweden that is standing making sure all refugees are warm & safe!

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How will Esn Borås participate?

During the 2nd international event, winter edition, we will make polloroid pictures that we will sell for 20 kr each. The money we raise with these pictures will be donated to the Red Cross. We will also raise money during the Goodbye dinner of the International students, that will probably be held on the 17th of December. 

We are hoping to raise as much money as possible! Do you want to help us? Come by our international dinner, email Rosalinda (vicepresident@esnboras.org) or just make sure you leave us a common on our Facebook page!