Students Helping Students

Every year about 12 000 volunteers - ESN members of all the network countries - are working to make exchange better and to create a welcoming atmosphere for foreign students. You can become one of us! 

We as section Borås are even more thrilled to welcome you in our active ESN group of Borås. If you want to know which positions are open to applied on, you can just click on the heading " ABOUT US" and you will find the open positions.

An active-ESN member is:

  • internationally minded and very mobile

  • active and dynamic

  • open-minded

  • multilingual and communicative

  • has a good understanding of the english language (there is a possibility to join our active-ESN group and improve your English, so you can possibily go on your own exchange!)

Advantages for members:

  • possibility to manage projects

  • personal development

  • trainings and conferences

  • contact with international environment

  • practice foreign languages

  • sometimes ECTS credits granted by the home university

  • easier entrance in the job market

  • influencing EU policy makers in area of education

  • offers through ESNcard - discounts, prizes...

  • new friends from around the world

  • fun events

If you want to join the board of our ESN section, just contact Rosalinda Sardo Infirri !

But you are also always welcome to join one of our open meetings. When and where will always be published some days before the event, on our ESN Facebook page. If you want more information about organizing some awesome events of even when you just have some great ideas that you would like to share, just contact Rosalinda or contact one of us through email or Facebook.


ESN is always looking for new volunteers that will be an addition to our team !