What is it?
ESN Sea Battle is a cruise which gathers exchange students from 6 different countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on one big cruiseboat. Baltic countries will leave Tallinn already on 17th of April and Scandivanian students will join them on 18th from Stockholm. For us it means that the first night on the boat we can party with 2000 students from all over the world! This party will be bigger and crazier than you ever seen!!!

When is it?
ESN Borås with all of you guys will leave from Borås on the 18th of April in the morning. Around afternoon we will be in Stockholm and will go on the ferry. On the 19th in the morning around 11 (Estonian time) you will already be in Tallinn where you have 5 hours to look around on your own or take the guided tour. In the evening the ferry will leave again and 20th in the morning you will be back in Stockholm where the bus is waiting for you to take you back to Borås.

What can you do on the ferry?
Party of course!! But it is an amazing opportunity to meet people and have fun. The first night you will also have a buffet dinner where you can eat and drink light alcohol (this is included and you don’t need to pay extra for it). ESN has organized different games and activities (Karaoke, Speed dating and friending, Treasure hunts, Latin Dance lessons, Music quizzes, Bingo, Sumo Wrestling, Country Battles' , Live musical shows, Theme parties (every night)) for you on the ferry. There are also several shops on the ferry where you can buy gifts, snacks or alcohol (duty free).The responsible party squad will aswell be present and share free water, cookies and gadgets!

What can you do in Tallinn?
Tallinn has an unique old town which is close to the harbor (just few min by walk and it is easy to find) . You should check this web page definitely and if you have more questions about what to do or where to go while you are in Tallinn, just contact Rosalinda over Facebook or via email or just take her down with your questions when you see her ;)

How much do I have to pay to attend this amazing trip?
1500 SEK when you do not have ESN card
1200 SEK when you have ESN card

This includes bus Borås-Stockholm- Borås, cruise tickets, buffet dinner the first night and entrance to all the ESN parties of course!

How to buy tickets?
Information about the ticket sell will be published in this event or trough the official ESN facebook page! ;)
TIP: Do not hesitate and think for too long as we have only limited amount of tickets!!!

Who should you contact when you have questions?
Feel free to ask everyone from ESN about this awesome trip. Otherwise if you have a super specific question or so, you can always contact Rosalinda:
Rosalinda ( ) or email

18/04/2016 - 09:00 to 20/04/2016 - 11:30
  • Everyone is invited.