Hej allihopa!

It’s soon Easter time so let’s celebrate it all together! After a fantastic international dinner, we’d like to make an international Easter brunch. 

The concept is simple: bring a typical (Easter) dish from your country and then feel free to enjoy the buffet with food from all over the world! :) It is a great way to experience the flavours from many different countries.

Everybody has the chance to paint his or her own Easter egg so bring your creativity and we are looking for the rest!

Please make sure to display with your dish some information about the ingredients used. Let`s make it easy for people to know what they can and can`t eat! For example if it is vegetarian or not, if it has pork, dairy, etc…Oh and of course the name and the country where your master food comes from!

The event will happen in the Red Cafeteria, and for that reason we are not allowed to bring alcohol. But feel free to bring any non-alcoholic drink. 

Do you have a board- or card game that you would like to play during the dinner? You are more than welcome to bring it!
Hope to see you there!

20/03/2016 - 12:00 to 15:30
Entrance is for free, but you need to bring a fika dish from your own country
  • Everyone is invited.